Car Care Products

Brake Fluids:

Our perfectly concentrated brake fluid is well-tempered for lasting protection against wear and Corrosion. As a quality product, it is optimized for use in vehicles with brake Drums and brake discs. Dematerialized Water for Battery: Our range of battery care products is well-engineered to support the extension of your Battery’s lifespan.

Radiator Sealant:

A good option for a fast fix for a leaky radiator, gasket or hose. Radiator sealant is a chemical that when applied to the walls of a radiator will form a coating over any small holes or “pin pricks,” keeping the radiator from leaking and allowing your vehicle to run long enough to get to a proper repair shop. Learning how to use radiator sealant is not difficult and is in fact an essential skill if you are concerned about one day being stranded along the highway with a cracked radiator.

Radiator Cleaner:

This is well designed to combat rust and wear in your vehicles’ radiator. It is designed to help flush cooling-circuit deposits and also extend its span. This product is adapted to Work with all types of radiator.

Engine Cleaner:

Our engine cleaning fluid is designed to rid all engines and other metal parts of grease And oil. We designed this product to be totally compliant with all engines while it does not affect engine gaskets, and radiator hoses.

AARano - Car care Products AARano - Car Care Products