We boast of high quality products that meet the DPR and SON.

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Crude Oil

Our strategic expansion into the upstream segment of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria (Exploration & Production) earned us the lifting right of 45,000/bpd of Nigeria’s premium crude oil under an agreement with the government.

Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)

A.A Rano procures locally, imports, stores and distributes Premium Motor Spirit and has strategic local and international business partners to meet the growing customer demands. Marketing and distribution of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) is a core area of our business.

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

Diesel or Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) forms an important part of our company’s trade. An average of 120,000 MT of AGO is imported and distributed to our geographically dispersed retail outlets in Nigeria and to our bulk and non-bulk customers.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

We have strategically positioned ourselves and invested in the Nigerian Liquefied Petroleum Gas. A. A Rano has strengthened its LPG business with the installation of fully automated modern and movable LPG filling plants in Abuja, Kano and Lagos.

Dual Purpose Kerosine (DPK)

We are into the marketing and distribution of Dual- Purpose Kerosene (DPK), also called paraffin. In many third-world countries, kerosene is used extensively in both rural and urban areas for domestic purposes such as cooking and lighting kerosene-powered lanterns.

Car Care Products

Brake Fluids

Our perfectly concentrated brake fluid is well-tempered for lasting protection against wear and corrosion. As a quality product, it is optimized for use in vehicles with brake.

Oil and Lubricants

Engine oils or lubricants are the life of all automobiles. The importance of this in every engine cannot be over-emphasized because it is the sure footing that the wheel of automobiles and engines drive on. The key role of lubricants is to stall friction in the engine and to temper down heat.

Engine Cleaner

Our engine cleaning fluid is designed to rid all engines and other metal parts of grease and oil. We designed this product to be totally compliant with all engines while it does not affect engine gaskets and radiator hoses.

Car Care Products

Radiator Cleaner

This is well designed to combat rust and wear in your vehicles’ radiator. It is designed to help flush cooling-circuit deposits and also extend its span.

Radiant Sealant

Radiator sealant is a good option for a fast fix for a leaky radiator, gasket or hose.

Our Local & International Partners

We bring our expertise and experience to play in the dynamics of Business To Business relationships just as much as we do B2C s. This has given us an edge in the way that we have consolidated partnering relationships with other giants in the oil and gas industry and other industries.