Marine and Shipping

LAUSU MARITME AND LOGISTICS was established as a Shipping Company in 2015 and duly incorporated as a Petroleum Products freighting company in Nigeria, fully licensed by Department of Petroleum Products (DPR) to engage in maritime freights with full permit. It is also licensed by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to carry out maritime duties. The Company has recently acquired a New Vessel (Mt Hajara) for freighting of Petroleum Products. The Company is Efficiently Manage by the Head of Marine Operation ALH SALE BABA RANO.

What we do

We provide innovative, effective and efficient marine logistics solutions to our Growing Customers within and outside Nigeria. We plan and manage complex over-water transportation projects by integrating marine transportation and engineering Services, supply chain management.

We also offer a complimenting line of flexible marine products and services in the areas of Marine Information, Cargo-Voyage Support, Charter Management and Technical services.

Our Range of Services:

  • Ship-to-Ship cargo transfers
  • Provision of mooring and loading masters for transfer, discharge and berthing operations.
  • Marine transport services for the movement of personnel / Supplies and general marine equipment.
  • Fixing of Harbor / Jetty Fenders
  • Bunker Supplies – On/Off Shore
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